Thoughts from the Level Editor

Inspired by Nina Freeman’s level design streams, Thoughts from the Level Editor is an experimental podcast meets first-person exploration game.  In it, I model out a 3D world based on a simple paper map, record a podcast episode while doing it where I answer questions from listeners, chop the podcast audio into clips, and place toilets in the world that play the clips when you flush them. The world is further populated with various objects/effects/gameplay sequences referenced in the podcast. An area in the starting map contains several toilets, called “Poddy Training”, with clips that explain various 3D graphics and Unity game engine concepts so as not to confuse a general audience.

I am doing all of the level design, programming, and much of the 3D art (some of which will and has come from the Unity Asset Store), while sourcing any sound effects or music from Freesound or my buddies at the We Can Make This Work (Probably) podcast network, of which this game is a member.

This project is under development and will be linked as soon as it goes into early access.

Asset creation in Blender
Tentative papermap
Starting area
Poddy Training area

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