Spodiodi Quest 2000

It’s finally the weekend! You’ve been busting your butt all week, but it’s not over. Saturday night is the big annual wine mixer at Willie’s Den and you’ve been invited! Your boss is the one who invited you, so you have to make an appearance whether you like it or not. They’re also the one who keeps pestering you to start dating so you’ve decided to give it an honest try so they can get off your back.

Gone are the days of being a career-minded model employee! Your love life starts tonight and damn it all if you’re gonna let inexperience get in your way. The wine is going to be flowing so if you get too nervous, you can just drink to get yourself out of your head. The host is a sommelier from Napa Valley so there’s going to be quite the selection to choose from.

Made in parallel with Press E to Forget for Nina Freeman’s 2018 Wine Jam, Spodiodi Quest 2000 is a Twine dating sim created in collaboration with Piratesyohoho. I did all of the programming, wrote the events and endings for the characters Emily and Ted, and came up with the names and event text for the three cocktails in the game.

Nina Freeman streamed some of the first events of the game here.

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